Botanical technology unleashing nature's powerful elements
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Nature's Most Powerful Elements

Gaard Labs was founded by a group of individuals seeking better solutions for modern day ailments.  With nearly a century of conventional medical experience behind them, the Gaard Labs founders entered the medical marijuana industry in 2014. We quickly understood that cannabis is so much more then just THC or CBD.  While these are incredibly powerful compounds, there is so much more.  We soon placed our focus on non-cannabis plants and terpenes, the largest class of organic compounds in nature.  We were amongst the first to create solution based cannabis products for every day relief and wellness issues.    

While we began our research as a group of doctors focused on pain management, it wasn’t until we grew cannabis for medical and recreational purposes, extracted cannabis using multiple methodologies including CO2 and Ethanol based extraction and began incorporating other plant-based compounds into the products we created that we REALLY understood plants and their potential. And no offense to anyone else, but who more than a group of medical practitioners with such a deep understanding of the body and plant science would you trust with your health?  We’ve now created dozens of products which are sold in state legalized cannabis markets across the United States.  Our products are sold in both professional and retail channels including pharmacies, health shops, healthcare practitioners and select establishments.   

Gaard Labs was formed just prior to when the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 legalized hemp cannabis.  Shortly after, we were approved to be a highly coveted CBD Research Partner to the New York State Department of Agriculture.  And then we built an amazing Medical and Scientific Advisory Board.

You may have heard of CLEAN label standards.  Our products are truly clean.  Unlike with many products containing hundreds of undisclosed low concentration organic or even synthetic ingredients you don’t understand, we take a different approach.  We utilize highly customized blends of specific non-cannabis plant-based terpene isolates in their most basic and effective forms.  It isn’t cheap and it isn’t easy.  However we believe that terpene isolates together with high-quality full spectrum hemp extract can be remarkably effective when produced properly.  When it comes to putting ingredients into or onto your body, less really is more.        

Like anything else in life, the right experience matters.
Nature's most powerful elements

Trusted by a fast growing number of Healthcare Practitioners and Retailers across the USA


A Team With Over 100 Years of Aggregate Medical Experience


Our Medical Leadership

Medical and Scientific Formulating Team

Dr. Jon Greenfield, MD
Medical Director​​

Medical Director,
Orthopedic surgeon
Stem Cell specialist

Dr. Howard Rubin, MP, PHD, ABMP
Chief Science Officer, Co-Founder​

Founder, HOPE MMJ
Medical Psychologist, Psychopharmacologist, Pain Management Specialist
Medical staff, 1984 US Olympic team
Medical staff, Los Angeles Clippers

Dr. Jeffrey Barris, PHARM D

Owner Pacifica Compounding Pharmacy
Preceptor Pharmacist , Doctorate, Pharmacy and Health Sciences and Chemistry, USC

Delaney Toups

Owner, D2 Custom Terpenes
>100 strain specific formulations and award-winning CO2 oil

Dr. Jonathan Erber, MD

Internal medicine, Gastroenterology
Mount Sinai Hospital
Young Investigators Award for Capsule Endoscopy

Management Team

Steven Levy
Co-Founder, co-COO

Christi Sothers NYC
Benefactor, various New York civic and religious organizations

Joseph Rubin
Co-Founder, co-COO

COO, Diagnostic
Imaging Center
Volunteer, Coach, Educator

Dave Meister CPA, MBA
Co-Founder, CEO

Partner, Capital Dynamics
Sweetwood Capital Partners
Senior Manager, Deloitte Private Equity

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