Nobody knows Cannabis and Terpenes Better than Gaard Labs

Doctor Formulated

Innovative formulations by Dr. Howard Rubin, MP, PhD, ABMP, a pioneer in the Nevada medical marijuana cannabis market.

Rich Terpene Blends

Feel the power of terpene enhanced formulations, backed by science for maximum benefit.  

Product Safety

Licensed by the New York State Department of Health. Legacy CBD Research Partner to New York State Department of Agriculture. Strict GMP product manufacturing.


Developed and Manufactured in the USA

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Unlocking Nature With Plant-based Keys

Think about terpenes and cannabinoids like “keys” that have the potential to “unlock” certain effects.  By enriching our full spectrum based hemp products with rich blends of terpene isolates (e.g., up to 3,500mg in our topicals), we’re able to achieve benefits that are more effective and consistent than most other single isolate or full spectrum CBD product.  We use the latest scientific understandings to unlock nature’s most basic elements for consistent, safe and effective wellness experiences. Read more…


Consumer Safety Focused

Gaard Labs products are created by Chief Science Officer, Dr. Howard Rubin, MP, PHD, ABMP and supported by a five-member Medical and Scientific Advisory Board.  We are regulated by the New York State Department of Health and our products are manufactured in GMP certified facilities.  Our hemp is sourced from licensed farms in the USA.  We ensure no less than three levels of 3rd party lab testing – once for our ingredients, then on the hemp extract and finally on our products.  Having been in both the medical and cannabis industries for as long as we have, we understand the importance of strict regulatory compliance. Read more…

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