Here are 4 Reasons To Become an Authorized Reseller With GAARD LABS
Full Spectrum, Organically Farmed Hemp

Our Hemp is extracted from small, organic farms in the US.  No pesticides.  Clean.

Steam Distilled, Pure Terpene Isolates

Doctor formulated blends of steam distilled, botanical terpene isolates.  Feel the power.  

Unrivaled Relief

3,500mg of terpenes + 1000mg of cannabinoids = deeper, longer lasting relief.  Naturally.


Take it from the professionals

“My patients ask for it…  these are the most effective CBD topicals I’ve used.”

– Dr. Adam Silk, Chiropractor

“The way it helps people… for me this is the whole world… it’s just worth it.”

– Yaara Kantz, Clinical Pilates

Unlocking Nature

What’s in it?

Each of our topical products contains 1000mg of full spectrum extract obtained from organically farmed and GMO free hemp, grown on small US farms.

The industry standard ranges from a simple CBD isolate based formula to one with full spectrum CBD.  At Gaard Labs, our proprietary manufacturing process enables us to add up to 3500MG of steam distilled terpene isolates to a full spectrum extract.  Backed by an industry leading team of doctors, scientists and growers, we invite you to experience the most advanced CBD Relief products available.

Certified organic MCT oil and Beeswax, with rich emollients such as Eucalyptus Oil, Lavender Oil, Juniper Berry Oil and Ginger Oil.   Our Roll-On contains an extra kick with Lidocaine and Black Pepper Oil.

Feel the power of plant based ingredients. 

Roll on

What else do I need to know?

  1. Regulated by New York State

    Gaard Labs is regulated by the New York State Department of Health, the most stringent cannabinoid regulator in the United States.  We are also a legacy CBD Research Partner to the New York State Department of Agriculture.  These standards ensures we are held accountable to the minimum standards our founders and
    shareholders expect.

  2. Long Term Supplier Relationships

    We maintain long term relationships with each vendor in our ingredient supply chain, ensuring they follow the stringent standards that we expect of them.  Our approach is to trust, but verify.  We obtain all pertinent validations around GMP certification, organic methods and absence of GMO.

  3. We are Doctors and Scientists who Grow and Manufacture Cannabis Products.

    We bring deep expertise in both medicine and cannabis.  Our team members have over 100 aggregate years of medical background, treating patient for pain management and many other conditions.  We are pioneers in both the California and Nevada cannabis markets.  Our shareholders were amongst the first medical marijuana licensees in Nevada.  We've been creating effect based formulations for years.  CBD products are not drugs, nor are they regulated in any way by the FDA.  But we've been around this environment long enough to know what's important.  Our #1 priorities are consumer safety and well being.  

  4. Do you make other CBD products?

    Yes we do, we have a broad line of oral sprays focused on daily wellness.  As a medical group, for tinctures, we prefer oral sprays over droppers given they are hygienic and intake can be more accurately measured.  The Gaard Labs oral sprays promote better sleep, energy, focus and calm.

If you’re a healthcare professional with patients or customers that can benefit from our products -